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Vertical Blinds Spares & Accessories

Find your blinds replacement spares and blind parts ,vertical blind parts, Roller blind, Roman blind parts.All blind parts for blinds including replacement vertical blind weights,top hangers and bottom chain.Vertical blinds chain and brackets.

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Vertical Blind Weights And Chain

From £7.99 Was £12.99

3.5 Inches Vertical Blind Bottom Weights and Bottom Chain in a white. Includes 10 pieces white vertical blind bottom weights size is 89 x 50 mm and vertical blind bottom chain. Fit for vertical blind slats measuring 89 mm in width, It can be applied to replace existing broken vertical blind weights , white vertical blind bottom chain are enough to attach your weights, it is not broken down easily.

This vertical blind parts set is suitable for 89mm slats of the vertical blind, It’s great to repair vertical blind. Easy to install and not easy to break. The vertical blind chain is made of durable and good quality plastic, it is not broken down easily; Easy to install.

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Vertical Blind Top Hangers

From £2.99 Was £4.29

Top Hangers of the vertical blind, Great to repair vertical blind, extend your window curtain life. Each hanger about 82mm in length, Suitable for 89mm slats of a vertical blind. Carefully remove your broken/tired top hanger by sliding it out of the stitched top compartment. These ‘suitcase’ style replacement top hangers should slide in no problem and sit securely within your blind panels.

The Slat hangers are made of good quality plastic, solid and sturdy, not break down easily; It’s good to match with your vertical blind. These handy little top hangers will save you money by prolonging the life of your existing vertical blinds. Replace or repair your existing blind hangers with these easy to use individual plastic top hangers. Your vertical blinds will look as good as new!

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3.5" Vertical Blind Repair Kits

From £5.99 Was £7.29

These pieces of vertical blinds accessories are a fabulous mixed pack of most things you would need to repair vertical blinds. It can be applied to your dairy vertical blind at your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.

Vertical top hangers can repair vertical blind and prolong the life of your existing blinds. Replace the top of the vertical slat, then hook on the headrail carriage easily. They will make a difference in the appearance of the whole blind. 

Use to replace worn, brittle, or missing weights. Perfect for adding weight for the blind and keep it in a straight line. By cutting the chain and adding this connector, these roller blind beaded chains can be applied to replace existing connectors or make continuous looped chain safe.

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Vertical Blind Top Fix Brackets For Standard (30mm) Systems

From £2.99 Was £3.99
  • If you need any replacement top fix brackets for 89mm vertical blind order them here today
  • Vertical blind parts
  • We are a family business . Blind parts provide quality value products and helpful customer service based in the UK
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Blind Cord and Chain Safety Clip

From £2.89 Was £3.29

Heavy-duty P Clip to fit vertical, roller, or roman blind chain and cords. Just slip the chain or cord through the loop and fix to the frame or wall, which keeps dangerous cord or chain safe from your child and out of harm's way

A child safety clip that can be used for vertical or roller blind and complies with child safety regulations in order to prevent strangulation. The P clip is made from good quality plastic, and can be repeatedly applied for a long time, and is hard to break. P clip is for curtain or blinds with chain control.


Vertical Blind Bottom Weights

From £5.99


89mm / 3.5" 






  • Each vertical blind bottom weights approx. 32 gr
  • Vertical blind weights are made from high-quality plastic,.
  • Use to replace worn or brittle vertical blind weights, missing weights etc.
  • Easy to fit. Simple unclip the ball chain from the old weight
  • We are a family business . Blind parts provide quality value products and helpful customer service based in the UK.
  • We have all vertical blind parts


White Vertical Blind Bottom Chain

From £4.59

White Vertical Blind Bottom Chain The blind chain is made of good quality plastic and is durable, use to reattach broken chain. Simply insert the balls into each end and press the clip firmly to lock closed. It is easy to install.

Great idea to replace the vertical blinds chain, saving money, make the blinds look as good as brand new again. It can be applied to your vertical blind at the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, office, etc.

We have all vertical blind parts

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Vertical Blind Set 30

From £12.99 Was £14.99

Vertical blind bottom weights are made of high-quality material with a beautiful appearance, very durable, not easy to break, easy to install, and replace without other tools; sufficient vertical blind weight on the bottom slat helps keep the shutters upright. our vertical blind accessories can be used to replace the vertical blind bottom weights slat of living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, classroom or other places, without replacing the entire vertical blind, nice choices for you

These vertical blind parts are made of plastic; each vertical blind bottom weighs 32 g/1.13 ounces, suitable for replacement of vertical blind in 89 mm/ 3.5 inches width. Simply unclip the ball chain from the old weight (front & back). Slide the weight out from the panel fold. Replace and reattach the ball chain. Vertical Blinds will be as good as new in minutes.

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Vertical Blind Control Cord Weight

From £2.99 Was £3.59

These are Suitable for all of the Vertical Blinds this weight is made of plastic with a metal weight inside it. To fit just push in the side buttons together this will release lift out the top then put the top over the cord then push it back together again.

It really is consumer preference, although we know that turning the slats upward (front edge of the blind upward) usually provides more privacy, less light into the room, and minimizes heat transfer into the room.

  • Vertical Blind Cord Weight

  • Easy Install

  • Top Quality White Plastic construction

  • Ideal for use with Vertical Blinds, Looped Cord on Roller Blind and Curtains

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Plastic Chain Connectors

From £2.99 Was £3.99

Blinds chain connector: the ball chain connector is made from good quality plastic; White color match all types of shades and vertical blinds They are very tight when buckling up. The bead chain connector length is 1.7 cm, and the width is 0.7 cm, suitable for all types of blind chain, you can use it for roller, roman, and vertical blind chains.

Very easy to snap into place and do not fall out, when you close the connector. The ball chain connector is made from good quality plastic; White color matches all types of shades and vertical blinds. Easy to use and take off, the bead chain connectors can be repeated for a long time, not break down easily.

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High quality blinds guaranteed

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