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Measuring Guide

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Utilise our simple guide for quick and accurate window measurements. We'll guide

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What You Need

Metal measuring tape (preferred) Pen & paper or notes in your phone

Decide Where Your Blind Will Hang

First of all you need to identify if your window has a recess. Now decide whether you will hang your blind inside or outside of the recess (exact fit).

You should check for obstructions inside the recess that could stop your blind from being fully extended, such as handles or fixture

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      Recess Size Measuring for a Blind to Fit Inside the Window Recess

      If you want your blinds to mount inside a window recess this is the option for you. Most people choose this style.

      • Take 3 measurements for the width of the window recess as shown in the picture.
      • Take the smallest of these measurements.
      • Do the same for the drop, again taking the smallest measurement.
      • You do not need to deduct anything from the drop and width measurement.
      • Please note, the drop is inclusive of the headrail.
      • The drop includes any pelmets or valances at the top of the blind.
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      Exact Size Measuring for a Blind to Fit Outside the Window Recess
      • Just measure the exact area you would like the blind to cover, as shown in the pictures below.
      • Your blind will be made to the exact size you specify.
      • Please note, the drop is inclusive of the headrail.
      • The drop includes any pelmets or valances at the top of the blind.
      • Exact sizes don't include the fitting brackets. These add 2mm to either side of your blind.
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      Replacement Blinds Measuring for a Replacement Blind

      When replacing a blind the same size already in your window it is really easy, just measure the full length of it including all controls and fittings normally across the very top and then from the top to the very bottom of the blind for the drop, then select exact when submitting your measurements.

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      Obstructions Inside the Window Recess

      If you have tiles part-way up your recess (often the case in kitchens and bathrooms) then the space between them is most likely to be the narrowest point in the recess.

      Measure between the tiles to ensure your blind will fit. You will need to top-fix or face-fix your brackets in this case

      Check that your recess is deep enough to fit the blind into, also bearing in mind any obstructions such as handles. The table below gives the depth required for all of our blinds.

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