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Our made to measure blinds are the best answer if you have odd window dimensions or specific needs that aren't satisfied by ready-to-hang solutions. We've made it simple to purchase blinds in various designs, from roman and roller to Venetian and vertical, and we take pleasure in delivering a wide range of affordable options so you can get the appearance you want no matter what your budget is.


Choose from a wide choice of colors, styles, and materials to create a new design that complements the rest of your decor, or create a new look around a bold new color. It doesn't end there: when you order blinds from our Manufactured To Measure service, you can also have matching cushions, and curtains made simultaneously.


We do this because we believe we offer the most affordable made-to-measure blinds at a lower price than other online window blind companies and with significant savings over High Street costs. We also provide extended product warranties and our famous lowest price guarantee (or twice the difference money-back guarantee) – we do this because we know we provide the most affordable made-to-measure blinds market, and we feel we are cheaper than competing online window blind manufacturers.



We are quite pleased with our fantastic reviews, and we strongly advise you to read them before ordering because they will provide you with complete peace of mind. We take child safety very seriously, and child safety clips are now required on all blinds. We can also provide you with additional clips for other blinds in your home.

How to clean blinds:


Faux Wood Blinds

For many families, faux wood blinds are the best alternative. They give you the traditional look of wooden blinds while being lightweight and easy to maintain. Even though they're simple to care for, they still need to be cleaned and maintained.

Cleaning your faux wood blinds is very simple. Dust the slats of your blinds once a week with a duster or a clean, dry microfiber cloth. You can also use your vacuum cleaner's brush attachment. Consider swiping the slats on your blinds with a dryer sheet after dusting. This is effective in repelling dust and gives your blinds a pleasant aroma.


You shouldn't have to clean your blinds as often if you keep them dusted. You can clean your blinds with a bowl of warm water and a small amount of your preferred mild detergent from time to time. Close them and clean them with a microfiber cloth from top to bottom. Then, using a dry cloth, thoroughly dry each slat.

While your imitation wood blinds are hanging up, clean them with soap. If your blinds require a more thorough cleaning, you can pull them down and place them on an old sheet to scrub them thoroughly. Allow them to air dry before rehanging them.


Hardwood Blinds

When cleaning your hardwood blinds, much of the exact instructions apply as they do with imitation wood blinds. However, instead of using a normal detergent, consider using a cleaner specialized for use on wood if you want to make them really shine and protect the wood.


Also, because excess water can harm wooden blinds, it's crucial to wring out your towel thoroughly before cleaning to avoid using more water than necessary. After you've finished, take your time drying each slat carefully to ensure that no moisture is left behind.


Consider using a small amount of your favorite furniture polish after your blinds have been cleaned and dried. Of course, you'll want to make sure the furniture polish is suitable for wood, and you might want to test a little quantity on a hidden area of your wooden blinds to make sure it doesn't stain them.


Your wooden blinds will have a beautiful sheen and will be protected if you use safe, wood-friendly furniture polish. Some furniture polishes will even assist in keeping dust at bay. Applying furniture polish will also give it a wonderful, fresh scent. It's not necessary to use a lot of furniture polish for this phase. It should be worth the effort to spray a tiny quantity of polish on a clean, dry microfiber cloth and then gently massage the shine all over each of the slats of your blinds.


Fabric Blinds

Fabric, in particular, is a popular choice for vertical blind. Vinyl vertical blinds are popular because of their soft, attractive appearance, but they are more challenging to maintain. Vacuum off dirt and grime with a vacuum brush for simple day-to-day cleaning. To avoid stains and dust build-up, repeat this process frequently. Spot clean your fabric blinds with a fabric-safe cleaner if you see any stains or visible dirt.


Don't get these blinds too wet, and don't immerse them in water. If you want to clean them properly without damaging them, you can take them to a professional dry cleaner.


Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are one of the more cost-effective solutions available, whether you're looking for vertical or horizontal blinds. They also have a timeless appearance. They don't normally last as long as blinds made of other materials, such as hardwood, but if you take proper care of them, they can still last a long time and look beautiful in your home.


To avoid bending or breaking your vinyl blinds, be cautious when dusting and cleaning them. You can dust them with a feather duster or a clean and dry microfiber cloth on a regular basis, just like other blinds.


When it's necessary to clean your vinyl blinds more thoroughly, use a solution of water and your preferred detergent. When cleaning the blinds, be careful not to damage them. You may spot clean your vinyl blinds while they're still hanging up, but if they're very filthy, take them down and soak them in warm, soapy water in the bathtub. After they've soaked for a while, look for any areas that haven't been cleaned up and then rinse the blinds with clean water.


The incredible thing is that vinyl blinds are not as susceptible to moisture as wooden blinds are. Nevertheless, you should dry the slats on your blinds or let them air dry before rehanging them to minimize watermarks.


Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum is used to produce both horizontal and vertical blinds, albeit it is not as popular as vinyl or wooden blinds. Aluminum blinds are similar to vinyl blinds in terms of maintenance. Just make sure you use an aluminum-safe cleaner; otherwise, the cleaner could peel the metal, induce discoloration, or cause other harm.


It is critical to keep the blinds in your home clean. Blinds that aren't properly cared for can look unkempt, and blinds that aren't appropriately cared for can wear out faster. You should be able to keep your blinds in good shape if you follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for the specific type of blinds you have throughout your home.

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