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Faux wood blinds v wooden blinds

Faux Wood Blinds Faux wood blinds provide the heat of a true wood look with no worries about warping in high humidity or sun. Dove wood blinds are made up of a PVC plastic material, making them moisture-proof, which implies that the slats will stay straight, irrespective of what quantity steam your hot shower produces.


Cellular Shades Cellular shades are a perfect window covering for bathrooms. they supply lots of privacy while also letting in natural light. Consider a Top Down Bottom Up shade for even more light control, because the top can come right down to offer you a healthy glow of sunshine while still providing substantial privacy. Cellular shades also provide an additional layer of insulation, so moving into and out of the bathtub isn't quite so brisk on those cold winter mornings.


Bamboo Shades Bamboo shades are made up of sustainable materials to grant your bathroom a calming and alluring feel while still providing privacy. If you are looking to form your bathroom feel more like an in-home spa, bamboo shades are an excellent idea.

Key things to recollect when buying bathroom window treatments

-High humidity will be an element, so get something which will delay

-Make sure you have got full coverage on the underside floor.

Don't let neighbors peer down in!

-Make blind wipe down a part of your cleaning routine every few months to stay mildew trapped and preserve the lifetime of your blinds



While faux wood blinds can have the planning of real wood, they do not have the identical classic feel that real wood blinds can rouse an area. Wood blinds are made up of a spread of hard woods, and also the materials are usually lighter than the PVC material used for faux wood blinds. Lighter materials implies that the blinds are easier to lift, with fewer ladder cords needed. The down side to wood blinds is that the natural material means they're more at risk of scratches, cracking, and warping when exposed to extreme temperatures or high humidity. Best wood blinds are more suited to dry areas. Wood blinds, while the next price point than faux wood blinds, are more energy efficient and typically available in more natural stains and finishes.

Both Grey Venetian faux wood and wood blinds are great options for your house. Consider the environment you will be using blinds in before purchasing. If you've got children or pets, maybe faux wood blinds with tapes, with their ability to face up to scratches, are a more robust option. If it is a room that does not get direct sun, perhaps real wood blinds will class up the place. Consider the factors in your life, then make the simplest decision for all involved.


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