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Venetian blinds

A ideal mixture of style and material, made to measure Venetian blinds are window blinds made from horizontal position slats. These slats will be modify while the blind is all the way down to control what proportion light comes in, or fully advert for a full window view.You"ll find ind Made To Measure blinds with different slat widths in a very range of finishes and colors. 

Why are Venetian blinds called Venetian blinds?


Interestingly, Venetian blinds don’t actually originate in Venice, but in Persia (now called as Iran). They’re called Venetian wooden blinds as a Venetian merchant took them to Venice from the center East.This can be how they came to be referred to as Venetian blinds - and clearly, the name stuck.

Which rooms are best for Venetian blinds? 


There are many reasons why homeowners prefer to bring Venetian window blinds into their home:

Low Cost – Venetian blinds, particularly those fabricated from aluminium, are very low-cost.

Colourful – Aluminium Venetian blinds wil be finished in a very sort of colours. Equally, wooden blinds may be stained or painted to suit the opposite furniture items in your home. 

Hard Wearing – Wood Venetian blinds are durable and may last for several years to return.

Suitable for moisture-rich environments – Aluminium blinds won’t become damaged or susceptible to mould if fit in bathrooms or kitchens.

Thanks to their changeable look, Venetian wooden blinds would suit just about any room in your home. The sensible and nature of the Faux wood blinds make them a honest choice for bathrooms and kitchens windows, where you may want to cover your windows without fear about waterproof. Bonus: they’re extremely easy to wash. Just give the slats a fast wipe and you’re ready.

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